Housekeeping (Also, Invisibility)

This week I start working for the Centre for Effective Altruism. I won’t be in England, just working remotely, and this is not a departure from the trajectory of becoming a social worker; I’m simply taking a job over the summer.

In all likelihood, this means more blogging! I have some Thoughts on stereotype threat, prosopagnosia, and pretty choreography.

This is a really neat study on tricking people into believing they are invisible. Somewhat like the false body study I wrote about here.

Specific book recommendations (you can see all of what I’ve read this year here)
Wolf in White Van is dark fiction, very very good.

-I really didn’t enjoy The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, but have loved other Oliver Sacks books, including Seeing Voices and The Mind’s Eye.

-I read a bunch of things on North Korea. Without You, There Is No Us was the best.


Housekeeping & Hellos


I have written a few posts that are basically done, and I’m planning to schedule them so that this blog actually has *gasps* content regularly! It’s a somewhat-too-early-before-Dec-25th-but-what-the-heck-Christmas-miracle!


I am going to be at the NYC Secular Solstice, which means I will see many of you folk. I’m excited.

Also, Girl Guides used to run messages for the MI5. Would you look at that.

Help-Seeking, Housekeeping

1. I am alive! I’m also still adjusting to grad school and having ten hours of commuting a week. Actual regular blogging is forthcoming as I wrap up and copy edit posts written in scraps between classes and in trains.

2. Recently I started reading some academic texts on depression in older adults. Holy mother of confounds, y’all. It could be dementia, or it could be depression with psychosis! It could be health and digestive concerns, or it could be a the anorexia/depression combination! It could be pre-dementia, showing as a mild cognitive impairment, or it could be executive function difficulties¬†from depression! But I’m learning some really interesting things, and a post will be forthcoming.

3. MealSquares, which I’ve been trying out,¬†are so good for my brand of badbrains. So. Good. They’re low-variance, so when I’m trying to over-optimize food and overwhelmed by different options, I can make the decision as basic as “Which of these two square things looks like it has more chocolate chips? This one? Okay, I’ll eat that one.” And then when I eat that one, it’s likely I’ve eaten something nutritionally complete, and I can stop thinking about it.

4. Help-seeking: based on a discussion had recently with classmates, I’m wondering if some readers could help me out. Do you have expressive or receptive language difficulties? Other language processing concerns? Lots of therapist skills are geared towards specific movement, speaking, and expressive cues. We’ve noticed that this can break down in interacting with language processing problems. But we don’t have better rules of thumb to replace in such instances. If you imagine yourself talking to a therapist or having a therapist talk to you, what would you prefer they did? What makes things harder for you?

Home is Where The Redirect Link Leads


This is happening a rather lot, isn’t it? I’ve moved from blogging on a number of sites to blogging on Freethoughtblogs with Ashley Miller to Gruntled & Hinged on FtB to here.

There are no vast conspiracies or interesting stories about why I moved to having my own site. Simply put, it was a combination of no longer writing things that directly related to the audience there and wanting a little more ability to fiddle with my own blog. I adore my former blogmates, and you can expect a good deal of linking in their direction.

So! In the words of all of the other intro posts I’ve done….

This is a blog…thing. Let’s see what happens.