Monday Miscellany: Body Dysmorphia, Bao, Bad Sleep

1. This longread on GiveDirectly, a charity which makes cash transfers directly to people in poverty, is excellent. Most interesting thing I learned: GiveDirectly uses salivary cortisol levels to track stress in recipients.

2. The title of this article on restraining orders made me think it was going to be entirely about how unhelpful they can be, and it did make that case. But it also explained a case for when restraining orders are an extremely good idea; one of many steps in making yourself safer.

3. The Tao of Bao: A Randomised Controlled Trial Examining the Effect of Steamed Bun Consumption on Night-Call Inpatient Course and Mortality. (The background is fascinating)

4. Body dysmorphic disorder and mirrors, a qualitative study.

5. Social psychology needs more political diversity (and less confirmation bias).

6. Prison stories: Kalief Browder, who spent three years on Rikers Island without a conviction, commits suicide. Better information than Orange is the New Black about women in prison. (h/t Julia Wise)

7. Lovely article on what we can and can’t get from the Zimbardo prison experiment.

8. A pill with the unusually adorable brand name “Minipress” might help with nightmares in PTSD.

What I read this week:
The Woman Who Would Be King, Kara Cooney
Yeah, I just really don’t like reading about Ancient Egypt. Even badass women in Ancient Egypt.

Kushiel’s Scion, Kushiel’s Justice, Jacqueline Carey
This book series continues to be extraordinary. Best fiction I’ve discovered this year. Excellent for Tamora Pierce fans.

God’s Favorite, Lawrence Wright
Historical fiction about Noriega’s Panama.

One thought on “Monday Miscellany: Body Dysmorphia, Bao, Bad Sleep

  1. Yay Kushiel series! I loved them and found my self finishing them in only a couple days. Soo soo good ^.^

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