Housekeeping (Also, Invisibility)

This week I start working for the Centre for Effective Altruism. I won’t be in England, just working remotely, and this is not a departure from the trajectory of becoming a social worker; I’m simply taking a job over the summer.

In all likelihood, this means more blogging! I have some Thoughts on stereotype threat, prosopagnosia, and pretty choreography.

This is a really neat study on tricking people into believing they are invisible. Somewhat like the false body study I wrote about here.

Specific book recommendations (you can see all of what I’ve read this year here)
Wolf in White Van is dark fiction, very very good.

-I really didn’t enjoy The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat, but have loved other Oliver Sacks books, including Seeing Voices and The Mind’s Eye.

-I read a bunch of things on North Korea. Without You, There Is No Us was the best.


3 thoughts on “Housekeeping (Also, Invisibility)

    1. I’m doing some communications work as a contractor! I’m super excited—my other options for a summer job looked like being a barista of some kind 😛

  1. I concede that I find North Korea very interesting. Those Godless Communists have taken personality cultism to a rather grotesque extreme, essentially reinventing god-kings. It’s essentially a hereditary monarchy, complete with royal-family politics, though it’s arguably a sort of constitutional one.

    I recall some video of some people whose blindness was cured by a Western doctor who’d been invited in to do it. They thanked North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il. Adoration of the ruling dynasty seems almost like a religion, complete with the two previous leaders having worked lots of miracles. It’s easy for me to find links on them.

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