Monday Miscellany: Nasal Volume, News, Noam

1. “Smaller nasal volumes as stigmata of aberrant neurodevelopment in schizophrenia” is a real study, and it is fascinating.

2. On breaking bad news in hospitals, from a doctor who has terminal cancer. (In some U.S. hospitals, a social worker comes with the doctor in order to provide emotional backup to the family/person. This seems like a model worth replicating, preventing doctors from feeling as though they must have skills as a social worker, or overwhelmed when they don’t.)

3. “This page includes many examples of why the present Wikipedia Death-Star logo is actually really good, and also why graphic designers get paid real money to come up with good logos. It must be preserved for future Wikipedians as a collection of cautionary examples.” It’s the Wikipedia international logo contest.

4. I don’t think ‘expect’ is quite the right word in this article, simply because if you use expect in the sense of “a good therapist must have these qualities” I would be shocked if you found a therapist. That being said, in a perfect world, this is what you’d expect from a culturally competent therapist. (h/t Miri)

5. Math puns. Math puns. 

6. Ben Lillie wrote something similar to my previous post, but with more information about the average genetic knowledge of the American population.

Do we really believe that 80% of people in the US have no idea that DNA is in every living thing? All data and ideas exist in a context, so here are some other numbers. In 2011 a survey found that “85 percent of adults recognize that all plants and animals have DNA.” And another poll in 2003, ”found that 60 percent of adults in the United States selected the correct answer when asked ‘what is DNA?’ (the genetic code for living cells).”

[…]So, imagine a survey taker who’s just had a series of questions on their preferences about food and is in the middle of a survey on government regulation. They encounter the question “Would you support mandatory labels on foods containing DNA?” What’s more likely, that they don’t know that DNA is in all living things, or that they assume they’ve misunderstood the question and it refers to “modified DNA” or “artificial DNA” or something else?

7. Speaker of the House reacts to a presidential proposal with gifs so, yeah, that.

8. Now you can buy a Noam Gnome.

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