Monday Miscellany: Petrov, Parking, PTSD

1. Keeping Up With the Kinkvervankotsdarsprakengotchderns.

2. THAT explains it:

Research from the UCL lab of Professor Geraint Rees has proven that the recent craze for suggesting that rats have “regrets” or show “disappointment” is solely due to the size of the left temporal-parietal junction (TPJ) in the human authors of those papers (Cullen et al., 2014). This startling breakthrough was part of a larger effort to associate every known personalitytrait, political attitude, and individual difference with the size of a unique brain structure.

3. Vegemite reaction. (h/t Ed Yong)

4. An interview with Dessa, a Minnesota singer/rapper and one of my favorite artists.

5. Mental health, media analysis, and the [Best] Wing.

6. FOX News hosts spend time making parking jokes and ‘boobs in the ground’ puns about Air Force Major Mariam Al Mansouri (of the United Arab Emirates Air Force), women and men in U.S. Military write response.

7. Petrov Day was last Friday, and I bring you this from Jai:

I heard a story – I’m not sure if it’s true – but I heard a story of a man from the east named Stanislav Petrov, who said that he could have stopped it all from happening. There was a country called Russia, one of the two great powers that ended the world, and they had appointed the man to watch for incoming attacks. The thinking, at the time, was that if each power threatened to destroy the world if attacked, everyone would be completely safe.


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