Monday Miscellany: Monetary Damage, Raining Men, Male Gazing

1. Importance Sciencing: analyzing exactly how much monetary damage Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes did.

2. The Lancet on failures and fixes within debating how mental health care should proceed and research therein.

Take some time to consider your opponent’s intellectual discipline, and how his or her work might be criticized on its own terms. This might be a long, difficult, and tedious process, but it is what patients, and the public, deserve. The final point is to ensure that those whose voices are not listened to enough are given the space and opportunity to be heard. Their numbers include individuals such as mental health nurses and social workers, who provide a large amount of care but who are given little time compared with psychologists and psychiatrists. Most important, the voices of patients must be “airtime” respected in all their diversity.

3. It’s raining men.

4. thisthisTHIS is one of the most important and underexplained facets of what to know as a consumer of therapy.

5. I’ve read more than a handful of articles about stripping from a sociological perspective, usually ones including qualitative data, but this one was the first to point out the ‘touristic gaze’ phenomenon.

Among Frank’s well-argued conclusions are that the “touristic gaze” is more relevant to the strip club experience than the “male gaze.” The strip bar isn’t home or work; it’s a place where men can vacation either as high rollers or bold explorers of a seedy underclass — without any risk. She also found that men were obsessed with the authenticity of their interactions with the dancers (“that guy over there is deluded, but she really does like me”). The dancers exploited their customers’ longing for “realness” by giving fake real names and fake home phones (cellphones devoted to regulars who considered themselves friends).

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