Monday Miscellany: Weasels, Wrinkles, Wut

I’ve now recovered from helping run the Effective Altruism Summit + Retreat. It was excellent and exhausting. I gave a talk on gender relations; here’s an edited/excerpted piece.

1. Medicate those brain weasels plus learn weasel-charming techniques! That’s all the intro this advice gets.

2. The writer for Frozen is adapting A Wrinkle in Time. Yes, please.

3. There is a very serious chance you do not want to read this if you find childhood sexual assault triggering. However, a longform in Matter exploring non-offending pedophiles who want to cure themselves is thoughtful and careful. Some side commentary in there about the ways mandatory report requirements for therapists can do harm.

4. GiveWell Labs cause investigations: criminal justice reform.

In 2012, there were about 2.2 million people incarcerated. Reducing the incarcerated population by 10% for 10 years would therefore avert 2.2 million person years of incarceration.

5. Whatever happened to the metric system? I…well…hmmmm.

6. When “No” Means “Force”

7. Marginalized people are not revolution objects.

8. Guys. Misty Copeland. Additionally, Matthew Bourne.

9. Fifty Sheds of Grey

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