Home is Where The Redirect Link Leads


This is happening a rather lot, isn’t it? I’ve moved from blogging on a number of sites to blogging on Freethoughtblogs with Ashley Miller to Gruntled & Hinged on FtB to here.

There are no vast conspiracies or interesting stories about why I moved to having my own site. Simply put, it was a combination of no longer writing things that directly related to the audience there and wanting a little more ability to fiddle with my own blog. I adore my former blogmates, and you can expect a good deal of linking in their direction.

So! In the words of all of the other intro posts I’ve done….

This is a blog…thing. Let’s see what happens.

6 thoughts on “Home is Where The Redirect Link Leads

  1. On the one hand, less gruntled that I can’t keep track of your blog through the FtB portal. On the other hand, look! An actual mobile site and theme!

    Plus, the FtB portal would sometimes get stuck on the broken mobile version anyways…

  2. I’m a little late getting here – but I’m happy to see you on your own blog. Nothing wrong with FtB – but along with you and however many others, it did not feel like the right platform.

    Personally, FtB is someplace I might go when I want to see what was new to be outraged about or become indignant over. Whereas your blog lends a bit of haven with interesting and helpful information and discussion and just has a different, “nicer”, down to earth, helpful feel about it. Of course, all this is just my subjective opinion.

    Good luck with Boston, boyfriend and Grad School! I’m pretty sure you’d already know this, but I say it anyway. Boston is a great town – not as vast as Chicago and with the winding, circuitous streets, perhaps a bit harder to find your way around without a GPS. Come to think of it, the last time I drove in Boston, most civilians had no GPS units. Egads! Time to go back with the wife and with GPS in hand…or dash.

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