There’s a new set of readers over here, and I wanted to stick a quick “wave, smile, and offer a nice hot dish” post up.

I’m Kate! I write Gruntled & Hinged. Many? Possibly most? of you seem to have come over from Slate Star Codex, but there was a recent influx of people from Unequally Yoked.

-I’ve been writing more frequently than usual, and expect to keep this up, within some constraints. Every Monday, there’s Monday Miscellany, a collection of links and suchlike. Otherwise, posts appear at around a rate of two per week.

-This blog is loosely themed around psychology, and breaks down into roughly:

  • 39% thinking about how human interaction (including therapy) works, could work better, and fails.
  • 18% Kate grumps about bad data collection/confounds/research/teaching of any of the previous. This is the Someone Wrong on the Internet part.
  • 27% stuff that relates to eating disorders and eating disorder treatment
  • The remainder: “HUNH. Look at THIS. Just look at it! Aren’t brains weeeeird?”

-Other post topics include baking (have some Nutella cookies!) atheism, and studenting.

-I belong peripherally to the rationality community, and participate in the secular-atheist-skeptosphere on a semi-regular basis.

-For five more weeks I’m an undergrad getting two degrees in psychology (applied and research-based) in Chicago. Very shortly thereafter I will be getting a Master’s in Social Work in Boston. I’ve worked previously in schizophrenia research/treatment and adoption services, and have an unfortunate amount of personal experience with eating disorders.

-There is no official comment policy, but the unofficial one is Be Nice And Cite Your Claims, Please. Commenters are on first-time moderation, but I’m quick about approval.

So! Hello! Well met! Who are you?



7 thoughts on “Halloooo!

  1. I’ve been a long time follower, but OMG I didn’t know about the cookies! So excited! My wife is sending me to the store for peanut butter now.

    1. Make sure to check out the comments there too! There are portal cookies and nutella lava cake recipes 😀

    2. Waaay ahead of you. 🙂 I also think I may have to experiment some time with making nutella ice cream for the sandwiches.

  2. Hey I found your blog via Slate Star Codex but I follow Unequally Yoked also. You seem like a great gal and I look forward to reading more about Schizophrenia(I struggle with Paranoid Personality Disorder) and your experience with the rationalist community, they all seem so fascinating. Oh and I think nutella is probably the best thing since sliced bread! Its incredible with oatmeal.

    1. Well met! I eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday, so um, you’ll have to excuse me while I, uh…

      [*runs out to buy Nutella*]

  3. I’m a long(ish)-time lurker as well, taking the opportunity to say hi without derailing a thread.
    So: Hello! 🙂 Every time I read one of your post, a piece of universe starts making sense ^^

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